An Attorney Like Aric Cramer Can Save a Client From Years in Prison

Most people will never face criminal charges. For those who do, however, having access to informed legal counsel and vigorous representation could hardly be more important.

Attorneys in Utah like Aric Cramer help ensure that innocent people will not be convicted of many types of crimes. Lawyers who are ready to show their clients are innocent of the charges leveled against them make a positive difference in the lives of many.

Legal Representation Saves Innocent People From Serious, Highly Negative Consequences

Almost any type of criminal conviction can make life a lot more difficult and far less pleasant. Even those who avoid prison sentences and the like still typically have to confront many other negative effects after being convicted.

Lawyers who are ready to prove the innocence of their clients in court make it much less likely that such unfortunate situations will arise. Some of the types of charges where attorneys in Utah most often help out in this way include:

  • Drug possession. Utah has very strict laws regarding the possession and use of illegal or controlled drugs. Unfortunately, some entirely innocent people end up falling afoul of these each year in ways that inflict great harm upon them personally. Even simply being in the wrong place at a certain time can lead to unjustified charges of drug possession regardless of the actual facts of the matter. Attorneys who can prove that their clients are innocent of such charges regularly provide truly invaluable assistance in that way.
  • Fraud. White collar crimes of various kinds cost residents and businesses in Utah many millions of dollars every year. In some cases, though, a genuinely innocent mistake will look enough like intentional fraud to others that criminal charges will follow. It can be particularly difficult to prove that an apparently fraudulent document or attestation was actually the result of an unintentional oversight or the like. When attorneys are able to do so, however, they can ensure that innocent people will not face prison time or large fines for no good reason.

Defendants Always Fare Better When Represented Well

Given that virtually any type of conviction will ensure negative consequences, it will always be best to try to prove an accused person’s innocence whenever possible. Engaging the services of an attorney will inevitably make that much easier.